Thursday, 2 April 2015

Currently Reading

Currently Reading <3

Below is a short list of manga that I currently read. I have pretty high expectations of the manga that I read on a normal basis but most of them are ones that I’ve already mentioned before haha XD. 

1. The Gamer

from manga-tr
Right now it's kind of going downhill but I used to love this manga so much. It's getting slightly Bleach, Naurto-esque where everything is probably going to turn into arcs. I kind of wished the manhwa artist would have taken a different turn :/ Once the battle thing is back to the main character maybe I'll like this one again. 

Genre: Webtoon, Fictional World, Superpower, Action

2. Horimiya


Probably one of the my all time favorites. hehe I'm pretty proud that I actually participated in the translations some 20 chapters ago ^_^ It's such a cute and easy read that is actually quite funny as well. I think it's becoming for of a slice of life right now rather than actually having a plot but I like it quite a lot so it's ok haha. When I went to Japan I bought all of the volumes (it took me forever to find them but I was so happy that I did) 

Genre: SHOUJO, Slice of life

3. Last Game 

from mangareader
To be honest the plot at first seemed to put it...idiotic. But despite the fact that the manga isn't exactly "realistic" its soo cutteee. Basically the guy (on the left) likes a (really, extremely) thick-headed girl. I would recommend reading chapter 1-10 and then skipping to like 30 if you're like me and want PROGRESS lol. The recent chapter that came out yesterday (April 1, I believe) WAS SO GOOD. THERE'S PROGRESSSSS! hahaha I'm really excited for this one as well. I also bought a volume of this when I was in Japan. 


4. Black Haze 

from mangafox

This is my recent favorite. I have no idea why being already super talented really interests me. The guy (above) is known as the famous Black Magician who's basically one of the strongest magicians in this manhwa world. This is his awakened form though and when he's his normal self, he's this scrawny student. He attends this magician school undercover for this mission (and this get really chaotic lol). I love that fact that he ends up beating up all the upperclassmen hahaah. 

Genre: Webtoon, Action, Fictional World, Superpower 

Have an awesome 3-day weekend (Good Friday~)

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