Thursday, 13 February 2014

Stand Up! (Yamakawa Aiji)

Stand Up! 

Yamakawa Aiji 

From: Manga Park


About a really tall girl (170cm) named Furuya Utako who also has ears that stand out in her first year of high school and a guy who sits next to her, Haruka Naoyuki.

My Ratings/Comments: 

Somehow this manga reminds me of Hibi that just me?
Originality: 8/10 
I've heard of these kind of situations (where the girl is really tall) in real life, but this is the first time I've actually seen this in manga. 
Plot: --
There's too little chapters (and it's supposed to be a series) to tell whether or not it'll be a good plot, but so far I've really liked it and I have high expectations for it. It is definitely one of ones where it makes me want to continue reading it. 
Art: 9.5/10
There were some scenes where the drawing is a bit weird, but this is my kind of art. I liked Hibi Chouchou quite a bit (I keep thinking of that manga for some reason) too much and this is just right for me.

I just discovered this and this is now one of my newfound favorites. 
[Only problem right now is that it isn't updating, BUT I think if there's more views there will be an update]


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