Thursday, 13 February 2014

Stand Up! (Yamakawa Aiji)

Stand Up! 

Yamakawa Aiji 

From: Manga Park


About a really tall girl (170cm) named Furuya Utako who also has ears that stand out in her first year of high school and a guy who sits next to her, Haruka Naoyuki.

My Ratings/Comments: 

Somehow this manga reminds me of Hibi that just me?
Originality: 8/10 
I've heard of these kind of situations (where the girl is really tall) in real life, but this is the first time I've actually seen this in manga. 
Plot: --
There's too little chapters (and it's supposed to be a series) to tell whether or not it'll be a good plot, but so far I've really liked it and I have high expectations for it. It is definitely one of ones where it makes me want to continue reading it. 
Art: 9.5/10
There were some scenes where the drawing is a bit weird, but this is my kind of art. I liked Hibi Chouchou quite a bit (I keep thinking of that manga for some reason) too much and this is just right for me.

I just discovered this and this is now one of my newfound favorites. 
[Only problem right now is that it isn't updating, BUT I think if there's more views there will be an update]


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Volleyball Madness: Haikyuu!!


Furudate Haruichi

From MangaYes


Even though Hinata Shouyou's 162, he wants to play volleyball and become the next "small giant." Like any other sport mangas, it involves impossible moves and determination. This manga is becoming increasing popular and I think it should be more popular (it's updates regularly too).

My Ratings:

For these mangas, plot, art (am I the only one who cares about the art when it's a sport manga) and originality, because it's all about the intenseness of the story. So I guess I'll have an intensity rating?
Intensity: 6/10 
It's not intense, it's more like a story of how he becomes powerful rather than a whole bunch of fights, but don't be discouraged read it cause of this score!


Artist's Dream: Telling Through the Colors

Telling Through the Colors (Manhwa)

Artist: Zhena, Kim Hye Jin 

Author: Yohan

From Animeshare


Three different stories about three artists who are struggling to find their identity as an artist and are saved by the art of dye. 

My Ratings:

Plot: 9/10 
Each of the plots are well thought out and they each end in their own creative ways. They weren't stereotypical and weren't fairytale endings, and there was character development despite it being really short. 
Art: 8/10
It's creative and it's style is a bit different from the typical korean style (not Hwang Mi-ri that's a totally different type of style) 
Originality: 10/10
I think this calls for a 10 out of 10 mostly because these type of arts (dyeing) isn't something I've heard of and I'm an art student XD and the way they incorporate it into each story is so good that it's almost unnoticeable.