Saturday, 18 January 2014

New Format: Godly Bells

I guess I should try out one recommendation per thingy and update more often??? XP Here it goes: (btw there isn't any spoilers)

Godly Bells by Lee Hye

Genre: Action,  Manhwa, Fictional World, Superpower, Nonromance


A country's strength is according to how many Divine Bells they have. Myung-Joo is a country that has never received any and because of this is considered the weakest country. Then the current King of Myung-Joo (main character) suddenly receives a Divine Bell.................

Why you should read it: 

  • Although it is action related, the main character himself is actually not that strong (physically, because of course he's still a king) and it doesn't involve the character getting super op  
  • This is surprisingly not too graphic despite it being it about relations among the nobles and the fight for Divine Bells.
  •  Unlike other actiony manhwa (and manhua) we know very little about our main character which makes it more mysterious and intriguing

*Non-romance meaning that story plot isn't revolved around something romance related or the main character doesn't like/love anyone in the story

k welll that's it for now..
Do tell me if you like this format better :)

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