Saturday, 18 January 2014

Genre Terms:

Genre Terms:


In case you're new to the manga community I've provided the meanings of the terms that use the romanized japanese:


  • Audience: younger girls 
  • Usually: Love stories


  •  Audience: women 
  • Usually: the story should be more mature and have different themes then "love at first sight"


  • Audience: younger guys 
  • Usually actiony stories


  • Audience: older guys 
  • Usually actiony stories too, but more violent and mature... 

Harem/Reverse Harem:

  • Basically a girl around like ten guys (doesn't matter the number as long as its not two, but then three would be a love triangle... so around four and up) or the other way around
    • Harem is with one guy
    • Reverse Harem is surprise surprise the other way around, one girl

Love Triangle/ Reverse Love Triangle:

Below are words that I've come up with myself so that you can find more manga that are geared towards you~ 

Love Square:  


  • Story plot isn't revolved around something romance related at all or the main character doesn't have a love life in the story

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