Monday, 23 December 2013

How Could I Forget Edition

How Could I Forget Edition (and Happy Holidays~)

Looking back at all the recommendations I did... I can't believe I've forgotten:

Horimiya (World's best manga hahha jk but still..) (Hero)

  • A girl who has to take care of her little brother
  • Not as boring as you'll think it is ^_^

Toradora (Yuyuko Takemiya)

  • I have no idea how this became so good XD it has a really absurd plot
  • So two troublemakers unite???

Zero No Tsukaima (Noboru Yamaguchi)

  • Super powers from another dimension 
  • Interesting how the main character is not the most important one, it's about a guy who is a familiar (usually dragons and dogs etc) ?? 

Yumeiro Patissiere (Natsumi Matsumoto)

  • Cooking talent type manga
  • Less on the romantic side, but more on the cooking keke

V.B Rose (Banri Hidaka)

  • Talent Manga~ (designing)
  • Not as much on the romantic side, more on the designing and stuff
    • But recently, it starts to lean more on the romantic stuff

Chihayafuru (Suetsugu Yuki)

  • Yeahhhhh!! Karuta!! Japanese card game
  • It's similar to Prince of Tennis, but card games :) 

Akame Ga Kiru (Takahiro and art by: Tashiro Tetsuya)

  • Follows the "bad guys" of the story who are really the good guys (btw seriously graphic)
  • The world of "Akame Ga Kiru" is corrupted and the Night Raid is going to kill the corruption
Zero No Tsukaima
Yumeiro Patissiere
V.B Rose
Akame Ga Kiru!
Hope you'll enjoy these mangas~~
Please do leave comments if you have something to suggest or anything else :) 
Happy Holidays~~~~ ^_^

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