Monday, 23 December 2013

How Could I Forget Edition

How Could I Forget Edition (and Happy Holidays~)

Looking back at all the recommendations I did... I can't believe I've forgotten:

Horimiya (World's best manga hahha jk but still..) (Hero)

  • A girl who has to take care of her little brother
  • Not as boring as you'll think it is ^_^

Toradora (Yuyuko Takemiya)

  • I have no idea how this became so good XD it has a really absurd plot
  • So two troublemakers unite???

Zero No Tsukaima (Noboru Yamaguchi)

  • Super powers from another dimension 
  • Interesting how the main character is not the most important one, it's about a guy who is a familiar (usually dragons and dogs etc) ?? 

Yumeiro Patissiere (Natsumi Matsumoto)

  • Cooking talent type manga
  • Less on the romantic side, but more on the cooking keke

V.B Rose (Banri Hidaka)

  • Talent Manga~ (designing)
  • Not as much on the romantic side, more on the designing and stuff
    • But recently, it starts to lean more on the romantic stuff

Chihayafuru (Suetsugu Yuki)

  • Yeahhhhh!! Karuta!! Japanese card game
  • It's similar to Prince of Tennis, but card games :) 

Akame Ga Kiru (Takahiro and art by: Tashiro Tetsuya)

  • Follows the "bad guys" of the story who are really the good guys (btw seriously graphic)
  • The world of "Akame Ga Kiru" is corrupted and the Night Raid is going to kill the corruption
Zero No Tsukaima
Yumeiro Patissiere
V.B Rose
Akame Ga Kiru!
Hope you'll enjoy these mangas~~
Please do leave comments if you have something to suggest or anything else :) 
Happy Holidays~~~~ ^_^


*face-palm* I accidentally deleted the Korean Manhwa Shojo Edition..... *sigh*

Anyways, I had some others I wanted to add in as well... so I guess this will be more like a version 2?

These days, I've been really getting into manhwa, mostly because of their well thought out plot lines. Unlike a lot of manga I've read, manhwa tend to be more creative? So here are some shojo and shouen that I would recommend:

Cheongsaeng Yeobun (Yeo Ho-Kyoung and drawn by Kim Su-jin)

  • Getting more and more popular these days
  • About a girl whose grandfather is the head of the company and wants her to marry, so she cross dresses to find the guy.. and so that she can't marry him?!

Crazy Girl Shin Bia (Hwang Mi Ri) [COMPLETED]

  • A girl (Shin Bia) get time warped. Yup. But it's not a typical boring time warp story
  • I promise that you won't get disappointed :) 

I Will Be Cinderella (Hwang Mi Ri)

  • A girl whose Mom was a really high-class maid and won the award for being "Cinderella" and so she wants to become one as well...
  • How does Ms. Hwang Mi Ri come up with these ideas?!?! They are so cool and different from all the manga I've read..

Nan Eomma Nun Appa (Hwang Mi Ri is on a rolll haha)

  • A girl accidentally gets pregnant with a guy (obviously), but he doesn't want to admit that he's the father...
  • Rather interesting story of two people forced together (they don't love each other at first)
100% Perfect Girl (Wann) [COMPLETED]

  • THE BEST STORY EVER, well maybe not the best, but I really liked this story and there were a lot of twists and turns that I didn't expect
  • A prince marries an average girl (but she's super pretty) type story

The Bride of the Water God (Yun Mi-kyung)

  • Obviously about the mysterious world of the gods (hence the title) o.O, Super intense, it reminded me a bit of 100% Perfect Girl, but since it's still going I'm not so sure
  • A commoner girl is sacrificed to the water god.. 
Goong (Park So-Hee) [COMPLETED]

  • I seriously love this one too... there's also two dramas (Goong S and Goong) that are after this manhwa (proving its greatness)
  • About a girl whose grandfather (it's always the grandfather lol..jk) who was friends the Korean King. The Korean King was so grateful that he allowed his friends future granddaughter (what if he didn't get married hahahahaahah) to marry his future grandson/Crown Prince 

Cheonsaeng Yeobun
Crazy Girl Shin Bia

Nan Eomma Nun Appa

I Will Be Cinderella!
100% Perfect Girl
The Bride of the Water God

*Non Shojo*

Flow (Heo Ni-bi)

  • Not many chapters yet, but from what I can see, it is quite similar to The Breaker
  • A guy whose god is the cat god (Percy Jackson type-concept) and he gets accepted to high school, when only high-class gods can attend!?!?!

The Gamer (Sun San-Young)

  • The weirdest story ever XD not many chapters so far
  • Han Jee-Han gaining this ability to see the real world in game form (what level your in, HP, EXP etc..) which leads him to uncover a whole new world...

The Breaker: New Waves (and obviously also The Breaker) (Geuk-Jin Jeon and illustrated by Jin-Hwan Park)

  • Quite similar to The Gamer, he was a normal kid, but then he ate this Moon Divine Pill that gave the ability to be a genius martial art student like his student (who is the Nine Art Dragon and is pretty much the most powerful guy in the world of Murim)

The Gamer 
The Breaker

Friday, 30 August 2013

First one!

First Ever Manga Suggestion :O

So hello there! Welcome haha....
For my first suggestions I'm going to give a couple of Shojo manga. Of course if you're here you've probably read the most popular ones so that why I'm here to give you some ^_^ 

If this is your first time reading shojo, then try these starter mangas: (if you're not keep scrolling!)

  • Hapi Mari by Enjouji Maki -it sounds a little stupid and silly when you read the summary but it's actually quite cute. There's some *cough* PG-18 scene *cough* beware 
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita by Julietta Suzuki - Forbidden Love story, demons and all
  • Gakuen Alice by Higuchi Tachibana - super kawaii.. (cute in japanese) although it feels like they should be a little older... -there's magical powers included too!!
  • Charming Junkie by Fukuyama Ryoko - Modeling + Love = ? This one is really cute too and also with a dash of cross-dressing 
  • Say I Love You by Kanae Hazuki - Introverted girl dates a popular outgoing guy   nuff said XD. 
  • Special A by Minami Maki - one sided love.. and competitiveness.. [COMPLETED]
  • Last Game by Amano Shinobu - One sided love.. XD similar to Special A

So for the people bored of rereading herrago: (these are "rarer" mangas that isn't that popular but really good reads)

Hibi Chouchou
  • Seiyuu Ka! by Minami Maki - Voice Actor + love =? [COMPLETED]

  • Hibi Chouchou by Morishita Suu -The drawings ^_^ it's a bit slower than all mangas like Hapi Mari and stuff but it's more realistic that way.. well except the fact that the girl is like super pretty.... 

  • L-DK by Watanabe Ayu - a little bit more on the normal side.. (only just a little)
Akuma to Love Song

  • Akuma to Love Song by Tomori Miyoshi- A very musical love story.. 

That's it for now!
bye bye~